Maxi is a visual artist and K-12 art educator, born and raised in Taipei. She is now based in Seattle, married to a creative and musical soul who is her rock and biggest supporter. 


My work gravitates toward thought-provoking compositions of contemporary scenes that evoke deep and personal contemplation, inviting viewers to insert their own personal and social commentary of our times. 

As a painter, I am passionate about preserving authentic marks of the human hand, reflecting the Imago Dei.  I paint with eyes that once were blind, but now can see – I see light that makes beautiful the darkness, interwoven in every corner, moment and story.

Painting is my way to remember, to process, and to reconstruct that which has been deconstructed. A piece may be unfinished today, yet in each moment it sits complete, exactly where it needs to be.


My role as an art educator is to inspire and draw out the unique voice within each individual and provide them with resources, knowledge, and relational support to help them develop their own artistic expression. 

More than ever, the Arts enables us to stay critically and emotionally engaged in today’s fast-paced, digital age. A quality art education has the potential to impart timeless and enduring life lessons, such as the ability to celebrate multiple perspectives, encourage experimentation and perseverance, make meaningful interdisciplinary connections, and bring about powerful social change. 

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