Providence, 2018

Watercolor on paper,  22x33"

(Framed and for sale)

This intimate space is a window into my heart’s condition three years ago, during the lowest and loneliest of seasons. Each morning and night, I looked out the same window that was full of such life and opportunities, yet met with such heartache and confusion within. 

My solid foundation felt like sinking sand and I just barely held on. I hesitated revisiting this unfinished piece, in fear of subconsciously reconstructing a false reality – the  temptation to exaggerate or make light of my pain in a season’s past. I feared erasing the authentic marks of my lived experience. 

This week, I decided to make my final marks and frame it. I’m ready to move forward, not erase, but move forward after so many steps backward, and always remember the Lord’s Providence over my story, even in Rhode Island.

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