"Our bodies hold memories; they tell stories – our history. 

As a photographer, I humbly ask for permission to look closely, 

and uncover that which most who lack intention cannot see."

There are many wonderful photographers you can choose from, but what sets me apart is my multicultural 눈치, editorial aesthetic and creative process. My photography style is largely informed by background as contemporary painter. My photos are often described as artful & poetic. I am drawn to minimalist and captivating compositions that seek to make the viewers feel and reflect.

Moreover, my creative process is uniquely relational. The camera's gaze makes many, if not most, feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, but my desire as a photographer is to draw out one's unique aura and beauty as Imago Dei. This requires getting to know you, your story, your vision, and fostering a safe space to allow the most authentic you to come to life. You can also trust me to read the room accurately, giving certain individuals more space and time, moving along tense moments, making room for all sorts of family and relationship dynamics.

When I am at work, I prefer to be a mere observer, like a very productive fly on the wall. Of course, I will gently guide and direct as necessary, however, the most beautiful, candid moments require no fabrication. We all just want a few timeless shots that are worthy to be framed and passed through the generations. 

The most special clients are ones who become dear friends. It is a privilege to be invited into multiple of your life's memorable milestones, be it engagement, marriage, or motherhood. This is the most special job in the world and I treasure each relationship I get to build through the art of documentation.

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